The UK is currently in the midst of a blistering heatwave, with some parts of the country having experienced temperatures higher than Rome and Ibiza.

While the warmer climes are a welcome change for us Brits who are regularly plagued by dismal forecasts, it does spark the conundrum of what to wear.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to spend hot days basking on the beach or in a beer garden, the daily decision is a little less complicated – think mini dresses, strapless tops and Hawaiian-style shirts inspired by Richard Quinn’s spring/summer 2019 offering.

But, if you find yourself facing a sticky commute followed by hours sat in a stuffy office, knowing what to wear requires much more critical thinking.

The answer is to arm yourself with a collection of reliable staples that, while inherently stylish, will keep you cool throughout the day.

Inspired by the catwalk designs of Dior, Valentino and Roksanda, we’ve noticed a trend on the high street for breezy midi dresses and floaty skirts, while tops with milkmaid sleeves – as seen on the runway at Alexander McQueen – should sit high on your shopping list.

To help make getting dresses in the coming months easier, we’re keeping you up to date on what’s new from some of our favourite stores this month.